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South Hants (SHPVS) Car Show and Autojumble.

Mon Apr 07 2014, 15:26 by Grizzly

SHVPS Annual Classic Vehicle Show and Autojumble

Date: Sunday 1st June 2014 10.00am – 4.00pm

Queen Elizabeth Country Park,

Gravel Hill, Horndean, Waterlooville. PO8 0QE

3 miles South Of Petersfield on the A3

South Hants Vehicle Preservation Society’s Annual Classic Vehicle Show and popular Autojumble.

Easy access and free public car parking on site.

This is a family day out with …

Beachbuggin 6th August let me know if your planning on going.

Sat Jul 22 2017, 21:29 by Grizzly

Who's up for beachbuggin they have booked out club pitch just need to know numbers please . . . it is a great one day show on southsea common next to the beach . . . lots to see and do let me know if your going as I have to book you in and you have access at reduced rate £5 I believe it is

Camper and Bus show and August events - what are you hoping to do?

Sun Jul 16 2017, 13:06 by carl & helen

Club days out August
Are any of these of any interest? Or are you planning something different that we can group together on?
Don’t think any of us are doing BugJam so our first possible weekend is

Camper & Bus, Camping at the Castle – 28th, 29th 30th July. We love this in the Malvern’s  so we are going back. Any takers?
We …

Hessich Oldendorf and Euro Bug In 2017 - European trip details

Sun Oct 09 2016, 12:34 by carl & helen

HO17, Germany -
Quite a few of you have already talked about coming to Germany for Hessich Oldendorf or for Belgium Euro Bug In next year in late June and early July.
Together these give us an incredible, every four year European trip to Hessich, Germany, on to the factories in Wolfsberg and Hannover and the back via EBI - Euro Bug In the following weekend for those …

Stonor Park 2017

Tue Mar 28 2017, 15:04 by Grizzly

Hi Folks I will be needing some assistance at Stonor Park on the 4th June. As well as the camping I am also organising club displays in return you will have free entry & camping.
I will need assistance on white pond gate for club display pass hand outs and lining up aircooled avenue & watercooled way.

And anyone that wants to help me out with camping.

Lastly as Aircooled Konnection are running …

Next club meet 26th May @ Chalkhill Blue from 19:00 hrs

Mon May 22 2017, 21:43 by Grizzly

Next club meet 26th May @ Chalkhill Blue from 19:00 hrs

What's everyone up to then

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What's everyone up to then

Post by Grizzly on Sat Mar 07 2015, 13:24

Well have had an eventful start to the year after leaving my old employer of the last 8 years then started working for a company in Fareham realised I didn't like it so was only there a month, but have been fortunate enough to get another job for a division of Jersey Telecom which I thought was kind of ironic.

Not done much on the Junkyard which looks definitely destined to be my brothers once my panel is finally finished. The panel aka the fire truck is well on it's way to be finished paint wise at least "at last I hear you roar" my sentiments exactly just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit to get the final coats on really. Then it will be time to put it all back together.

See you at the next meet, I will see if I can make Volksworld for anybody going.


Daz & Family

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Re: What's everyone up to then

Post by owen on Sun Mar 08 2015, 21:32

Have been doing up my daughters bedroom and shower room  the last few weeks  as she doesn't appear to be wanting to leave home  anytime soon and it hadn't been decorated since she was a kid. Just been down to IKEA this weekend  and filled her room with the usual  Swedish crap.
 Loads of things to do to the van but haven't had a chance  to do much yet as other things crop up.
carl & helen
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Re: What's everyone up to then

Post by carl & helen on Wed Mar 11 2015, 16:54

We did a mates wedding this last weekend in the bus. Saturday was a lovley day with lots of sunshine and the wedding was local. The bus ran fine having only had a few runs out this winter. At least she's nice and shiny.

We have also just come back from Marrakech Very Happy - which was surprisingly really nice. We were expecting cold evening temps, but actually it was plesant at about 10 to 14 degrees at night and a great 25 during the day. The air temp was 'fresh' though, but that didn't stop us from getting into the 'heated' pool. The souks were fab - great getting lost and bargaining for bits & pieces that we didn't need. We also took a trip out to the Atlas mountains - which are even higher than the Alps. They were snow covered and looked great in the sunset from our hotel balcony. We didn't over do the alcohol as the fresh OJ was not to be missed. Just wish we could have stayed a bit longer.

We did see 2 bays en route to the mountains. They were parked together on the mountain road, and looked in quite good nick. Didn't manage to get a good look as driving by, but we yelled out a hello to them.

Over the next few weekends we will be taking trips up to Nottingham to help Carl's mum pack up the family home as she is moving into a bungalow near by to where she currently lives, so that's our news for now.

We may need to pass on Volksworld show as it's only a few weekends away and we might be in the middle of moving Sad

Looking forward to seeing you all soon
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Re: What's everyone up to then

Post by Grizzly on Mon Apr 13 2015, 11:11

Well I did manage to whip the engine out and change it to dual port cooling over the Easter weekend ..... all seemed to be going swimmingly but now it is running like a bag of nails and the accelerator cable snapped, turns out got an exhaust leak so another couple of jobs before a test run.

Manage to put some paint on the panel van too so looking for it to be back home soon.
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Re: What's everyone up to then

Post by tint1n on Wed Apr 15 2015, 10:36

Has been a busy couple of day working on the beetle, Chris came over on sunday and got it running nice again, started to put window guide channels in, managed to get passangers side done ok, but drivers side is missing the bracket to hold it in, guess some fabrication work will be required now to make it work properly.

Steel wheels have been messured up on car ready for them to be banded at the end of the month, just need to rework out the colour combination now as they are no longer offering the chrome powder coat due to it not holding its shine. Im open to suggestions on wheel colour combination.

Hoping to get the car MOT'd at start of next month, been a hetic couple of months at work and with everything else thats been going on, not had the time to get it booked in.

I should be at the april meet but not in the car, fingers crossed I will make a couple of shows this year.
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Re: What's everyone up to then

Post by ChrisM on Thu Apr 23 2015, 23:13

I've been struggling to get the beetle running consistently well. Swapped carbs but after running sweetly it can run badly another time. Must hsve adjusted tuning, timimg, points, choke numerous times. Eventually worked out its the vacuum valve in the air cleaner - who would have guessed! Got one on order from Megabug (£12 used and fully working instead of £90 at Heritage)

1964 beetle stalled at the moment. Just started advanced welding course at Newbury college to get me back into it again.

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Re: What's everyone up to then

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