Bleeding Brakes

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Bleeding Brakes

Post by Grizzly on Mon Feb 07 2011, 19:00

As you know bleeding brakes is one of those jobs that usually needs two people one to push and pump the peddle and one to do the bleeding. As an alternative I can recommend the Gunson Eezibleed it works a treat and uses the air pressure from the spare tyre to make bleeding brakes a single man job. All you do is remove the brake filler cap and replace it with one in the kit, then fill the Gunson bottle up with new brake fluid. Make sure all the lids are on nice and tight then using your spare tyre take the pressure down to 20 psi. Fit the valve from the Gunson kit to the spare tyre and your brake system is now pressurised.

Bleeding the Brakes
While carrying out bleeding the brakes make sure the fluid doesn't run out from the Gunson pot otherwise your will be re-introducing the air bubbles you just got rid of and starting all over again.
1. Go to the furthest tyre at the rear away from the brake reservoir.
2. Undo the bleed nipple until the fluid comes out is clean and bubble free, then tighten it up.
3. Now move to the next rear wheel and repeat step 2.
4. Move to the front wheel furthest from the brake reservoir and repeat step 2.
5. Finally complete the last front wheel nearest the brake reservoir and repeat step 2.
6. Bleeding the brakes is now complete test your pedal if, it still isnt firm enough repeat the process.

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