Dropped Spindles

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Dropped Spindles

Post by Grizzly on Tue Nov 07 2017, 14:08

A rough guide to fitting drop spindles on my Beetle, imagine it is not too different on other variants;

Loosen Wheel nuts
Jack it up and put it on axle stands.
Take wheels off.
Remove circle off speedo cable (keep safe) and push cable through the spindle.
Unde the Allen key bolt on the spindle nut
Remove the spindle nut (remember one side is reversed thread)
Pull off the hub trying not to let the bearings fall out.
Undo the 3 x 13mm bolts that hold on the backing plate.
Loosen the track rod end and ball joint nuts.
Use large ball joint splitter on track rod ends and ball joints to pop them out.
Remove track rod end and ball joint nuts.
Remove old spindle.

Fitting is the reverse ensure you have greased up the spindle before refiting disc/drums and do not over-tighten the spindle nut there should be a slightest of clearance gaps. Fit new bearings if required. With some drop spindles you will not be able to re-use the backing plates.

Plenty of videos on Youtube for example . . .

1969 Beetle
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