Sad engine story with happier end

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Sad engine story with happier end

Post by carl & helen on Sat Jun 28 2014, 12:12

Some of you will remember our forum member from the South Coast with an oil leak and possible engine problems. We gave him some advice and tips for a possible mechanic. But NOT the one in the scenario described below.

He came back to me this week with an update for us. I've edited this as moderator for obvious reasons:

Hi, don't know if you remember me. The chap with the cooked engine. I asked for help in getting a trusted mechanic to rebuild my air cooled 1600 engine. I was told by others to stay away from one recommend, after more research I found a company close to me. This chap should be avoided at all costs if you can let people know if his name comes up. His website is very convincing. , He took my camper and £monies for parts last week , said it would be done for the weekend. To cut a very long story short he tried to sell me a recon engine , when I said no he parked my camper in a car park , left it there and ignored all my phone calls and texts. When I went down to his premises, mechanics in a different garage at that address said he'd been thrown out of that premises 3 months previous . Luckily one mechanic knew him and helped me track him down . Never got a chance to see him face to face but with a bit of help and advice from a mate in the forces and threats from me got a recovery truck and tracked it to a public car park. I just got it back tonight Apparently this mechanic that helped me track him said he known in the area for a quick buck. He's  really friendly and helpful at first and then he tells everyone they need a new engine . Tarts the old one up and puts it back in and gets paid for a recon engine which is already theirs and gets money for original quote because he strips it to tart it up. If they don't go for it he dumps it and moves on to another. This bloke has still got my keys and money . So now I'm looking for another specialist but will be a bit more cautious this time . Just wanted to warn fellow campers about this bloke.

I commented:
What a total pain and nasty shock. Some real rogues. I’m just so glad we have trust worthy guys locally and a lot of engine knowledge in the club to help us. 

You should definitely look up the recommend for the mobile mechanic that I passed on to you via VW Jim. Jim is one of the most trusted mechanics in the region and I’d trust any of his recommends. If you want the info again I can look it out for you. And I hope it is second time lucky for you this time. You have all our good luck wishes and if you need anything just email or give us a shout on the club forum or on Facebook group

And the update is:
I'm now booked in with the recommend you gave me. The van goes in 2 weeks time . He really put my mind at rest. I got a great guy with a recovery truck who helped me out last night getting beryl back from that rogue. He's going up to surrey for £90 which is a bonus . When I get beryl running smoothly I will have to find out where you are at a show and we will come along to meet you in person to shake your hands. Again thanks

I've got more details if any of you want them. Obviously this site cannot promote people to avoid but our new friend was keen for me to share this. Please PM me if you want more info
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