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Beachbuggin 6th August let me know if your planning on going.

Sat Jul 22 2017, 21:29 by Grizzly

Who's up for beachbuggin they have booked out club pitch just need to know numbers please . . . it is a great one day show on southsea common next to the beach . . . lots to see and do let me know if your going as I have to book you in and you have access at reduced rate £5 I believe it is

Camper and Bus show and August events - what are you hoping to do?

Sun Jul 16 2017, 13:06 by carl & helen

Club days out August
Are any of these of any interest? Or are you planning something different that we can group together on?
Don’t think any of us are doing BugJam so our first possible weekend is

Camper & Bus, Camping at the Castle – 28th, 29th 30th July. We love this in the Malvern’s  so we are going back. Any takers?
We …

Hessich Oldendorf and Euro Bug In 2017 - European trip details

Sun Oct 09 2016, 12:34 by carl & helen

HO17, Germany -
Quite a few of you have already talked about coming to Germany for Hessich Oldendorf or for Belgium Euro Bug In next year in late June and early July.
Together these give us an incredible, every four year European trip to Hessich, Germany, on to the factories in Wolfsberg and Hannover and the back via EBI - Euro Bug In the following weekend for those …

Stonor Park 2017

Tue Mar 28 2017, 15:04 by Grizzly

Hi Folks I will be needing some assistance at Stonor Park on the 4th June. As well as the camping I am also organising club displays in return you will have free entry & camping.
I will need assistance on white pond gate for club display pass hand outs and lining up aircooled avenue & watercooled way.

And anyone that wants to help me out with camping.

Lastly as Aircooled Konnection are running …

Next club meet 26th May @ Chalkhill Blue from 19:00 hrs

Mon May 22 2017, 21:43 by Grizzly

Next club meet 26th May @ Chalkhill Blue from 19:00 hrs

AK Meet & Eat 31st March @ Chalkhill Blue

Tue Mar 28 2017, 15:23 by Grizzly

AK vw meet and eat at the Chalkhill Blue Andover from 19:00hrs locatied at the Commercial Park, SP11 8 Andover, Hampshire,

Aircooled 14, Stratford on Avon, 27th to 29th June

carl & helen
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Aircooled 14, Stratford on Avon, 27th to 29th June

Post by carl & helen on Wed Jun 04 2014, 21:31

We met the organisers for this first Aircooled 14 event at Stonor last weekend. It promises to be a chilled, aircooled only event with cheap camping and within walking distance of lovely, historic Stratford on Avon itself. So enjoy a great weekend of VW show time with sightseeing and maybe even a pint or a cruise on the Avon.

NOTE: Aircooled vehicles only

Aircooled 14 is a new event on the calendar catering solely for Aircooled Vehicles (Mainly VW's) or those vehicles that were originally aircooled. The camping area will be integrated as part of the main show ground allowing you to keep your vehicle in one location and have a very chilled weekend surrounded by like minded people.
The main show ground will be restricted to Airccoled vehicles only apart from Trade/Catering & support vehicles.
We have lots planned for the event but heres a taste of whats on offer:

Aircooled Traders
Aircooled Catering suppliers wherever possible
Battle of the Bays (Round One)
Vintage Bike Racing
Vintage Bike Paddock
Belgium Beer Bar
Club Camping Areas
Live DJ's who own Aircooled Vehicles
Childrens entertainment
Aircooled Bouncy Castles

What vehicles are eligible?

The centre area within the racecourse will be exclusive for aircooled vehicles only or those vehicles that were originally fitted with an aircooled engine. The only watercooled vehicles allowed into the centre area will be traders/caterers and support vehicles. We hope that people will respect this decision, as there are plenty of shows that cater for the wider VW scene.

At Aircooled14 the camping area is part of the main show allowing clubs and individual campers to either prep their vehicle or set up club displays whilst remaining in their camping location. Rather than having 2 separate locations all of this will be incorporated into the main aircooled only area within the centre of the Racecourse

We’ve now had a few requests from people who want to attend the show and camp but their aircooled vehicles are either being restored, they are in the process of buying one or they just want to come along and have a good time. In order to cater for this we have allocated an area just outside the main camping field but still very close to all the action for water-cooled camping.

The main area of the show will still be for aircooled only camping (tents are allowed) and show activities such as the show & shine. This approach allows us to not change the emphasis of the show but allows those that enjoy aircooled vehicles to join in the fun.


Weekend Tickets (on sale from 1st April 2014)                                           £25.00

Day Tickets in Advance                                                                                   £10.00

Weekend Camping Tickets will be available on the gate at £30.00
Day Tickets will be available on the gate at £12.50

We are hoping to go to this before we head North for the Tour de France
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Re: Aircooled 14, Stratford on Avon, 27th to 29th June

Post by Ronnieboy59 on Fri Jun 06 2014, 07:10

I have confirmed a Prom in Andover on the 27th June which was prior to meeting the folks at Stoner so sadly won't make this one.

carl & helen
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Re: Aircooled 14, Stratford on Avon, 27th to 29th June

Post by carl & helen on Sat Jun 07 2014, 07:28

Oh that's a shame Ron.
Off to New Forest to meet up with Rob shortly. So i'll give you a bell re FaceBook

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Re: Aircooled 14, Stratford on Avon, 27th to 29th June

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