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How to Images

Post by Grizzly on Mon Apr 07 2014, 16:52

Putting images on the forum

If your putting on images you have already uploaded elsewhere i.e photobucket, then you just need to click this icon in the top

This will bring up this screen where you just insert your picture URL in the URL field and click insert (dont worry about sizes)

If you want to host your images directly through the forum then click this icon in the top row

This popup box will appear

Browse to the image you require select it then click open, this brings you back to your original pop up box click host it and wait.

When it has finished you will see the pop up box has changed

Select the middle one and then right click the mouse and select copy, (I never find the copy button on the pop up works) Then paste the URL into your forum post, see example below


Your all done!
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