Type 1 New Engine Start Up & Break In Procedure

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Type 1 New Engine Start Up & Break In Procedure

Post by Grizzly on Sat Feb 05 2011, 12:20

Type 1 Performance Engine Start Up & Break In Procedure.
Fit new oil cooler on the engine.
Assemble all tinware, distributor etc. make sure any gaps in the tinware are sealed.
Leave out the pushrods.
Fit engine to vehicle and adjust clutch free play.

All performance engines require the use of a breather box system to vent excess crankcase pressure, the valve covers will need to be drilled to allow vent fittings. The more breathers the better.

Leave off the oil lines, fill the engine with Brad Penn hi zinc break in oil or equivalent until just below the top mark on the dipstick is reached.

Connect up the oil line from the pump full flow cover to the oil filter bracket, crank the engine until oil comes out of the filter bracket. Fill up and fit the oil filter. Crank the engine again until oil comes out of the out port of the filter bracket. Fit up the external cooler lines but leave off the return line that connects to the crankcase. Crank the engine until oil comes out of the line to the crankcase. Fit up the case return line.
NOTE - the case union must be supported (do not allow to turn) as you connect the connection union.

Crank the engine again until you achieve oil pressure on a gauge or the oil light goes out.

Check the level on the dipstick and set just over the min mark if using an extra oil sump .

Fit the pushrods and adjust the valve lash as - 2thou with cromoly pushrods or 6thou with standard ally pushrods.

Fit the spark plugs and set the gaps.

Check the leads are fitted correctly and the distributor is 7.5 degrees before T D C.

Start the engine, it may be necessary to turn the distributor to achieve the optimum position, once running bring up the revs and HOLD CONSTANT at 1800 rpm for 15 mins.
DO NOT allow the revs to flutter keep it constant.

After 15 mins allow the engine to fully cool and reset the valve lash.

Check the oil level and start again, set the timing and lock the distributor clamp, hold the rpm at 1800 for a further 10 mins.

Carbs should be set for 3% co at 900rpm with the oil temp at a min of 70 degrees Cels

Engines require running in, use a max of 2500 rpm for 50 miles and 3000rpm max for 300 miles, after this replace the oil with brad penn 20/50, reset the valve lash, check plug gaps, check carb co%
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