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South Hants (SHPVS) Car Show and Autojumble.

Mon Apr 07 2014, 15:26 by Grizzly

SHVPS Annual Classic Vehicle Show and Autojumble

Date: Sunday 1st June 2014 10.00am – 4.00pm

Queen Elizabeth Country Park,

Gravel Hill, Horndean, Waterlooville. PO8 0QE

3 miles South Of Petersfield on the A3

South Hants Vehicle Preservation Society’s Annual Classic Vehicle Show and popular Autojumble.

Easy access and free public car parking on site.

This is a family day out with …

Beachbuggin 6th August let me know if your planning on going.

Sat Jul 22 2017, 21:29 by Grizzly

Who's up for beachbuggin they have booked out club pitch just need to know numbers please . . . it is a great one day show on southsea common next to the beach . . . lots to see and do let me know if your going as I have to book you in and you have access at reduced rate £5 I believe it is

Camper and Bus show and August events - what are you hoping to do?

Sun Jul 16 2017, 13:06 by carl & helen

Club days out August
Are any of these of any interest? Or are you planning something different that we can group together on?
Don’t think any of us are doing BugJam so our first possible weekend is

Camper & Bus, Camping at the Castle – 28th, 29th 30th July. We love this in the Malvern’s  so we are going back. Any takers?
We …

Hessich Oldendorf and Euro Bug In 2017 - European trip details

Sun Oct 09 2016, 12:34 by carl & helen

HO17, Germany -
Quite a few of you have already talked about coming to Germany for Hessich Oldendorf or for Belgium Euro Bug In next year in late June and early July.
Together these give us an incredible, every four year European trip to Hessich, Germany, on to the factories in Wolfsberg and Hannover and the back via EBI - Euro Bug In the following weekend for those …

Stonor Park 2017

Tue Mar 28 2017, 15:04 by Grizzly

Hi Folks I will be needing some assistance at Stonor Park on the 4th June. As well as the camping I am also organising club displays in return you will have free entry & camping.
I will need assistance on white pond gate for club display pass hand outs and lining up aircooled avenue & watercooled way.

And anyone that wants to help me out with camping.

Lastly as Aircooled Konnection are running …

Next club meet 26th May @ Chalkhill Blue from 19:00 hrs

Mon May 22 2017, 21:43 by Grizzly

Next club meet 26th May @ Chalkhill Blue from 19:00 hrs

Advice about gearbox codes?

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Advice about gearbox codes?

Post by chillicamper on Sun Jun 26 2011, 07:11

Right....I have now got the engine out of the van to get sorted.

Whilst I was under there I thought I would look at the gearbox as it's also getting very noisy. I checked out the code - just to see what I have got. - Yeah, I know......this is how a simple job snowballs into something else!

The gearbox code seems to be CF 31 104??. I thought most 1600s had a CE code gearbox. Does this mean the box has been swapped for something else in the past? or is it something simple like the E not being stamped on the case properly (it looks like its meant to be an F).

Or is this another silly Mexican coding thing sent to confuse me? Rolling Eyes

I have looked all over the interweb and can't find mention of a CF coded box???
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Re: Advice about gearbox codes?

Post by Grizzly on Sun Jun 26 2011, 22:03

Found the below, do you have M92 on your M code plate looks to be mountain gearing either way a CE box will do you to replace unless you get it rebuilt, but your right it doesnt appear to be listed anywhere. Neutral

The CE - box diff. has 7 : 38 ( P / R ) and the CF - box has 7 : 41 ( P / R ).

The CF - box is also listed with the M92 code (Gebirgsübersetzung / Moutan gearing)
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Re: Advice about gearbox codes?

Post by chillicamper on Mon Jun 27 2011, 06:24

Cheers for that!

The joys of owning a Mexican van - there is no M plate as such. I have a basic VIN plate behind the LH (drivers) seat recording the Chassis numbers, axle weights etc, but no M plate to record the options etc.
I have checked around and this seems to be the case with some VWs built in countries other than Germany or from CKD kits.
I will source a CE box for now then. No point putting a rebuilt engine back on to a box that whines like a diving spitfire!
I honestly thought that the box would have given up long ago - before the engine!

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Re: Advice about gearbox codes?

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