Aircooled Tech Tips

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Aircooled Tech Tips

Post by Grizzly on Fri Apr 08 2011, 18:39

If you have any useful snippets of information please add it to the post.

A vacuum distributor is always preferred over a 009 as your engine will run better and be more efficiently. You can static time your vacuum distributor but you should then set it using a strobe light with the vacuum can and carburetor ends blocked off.
009 Distributor, the maximum advance MUST be between 28 and 32 degrees at 3000+ rpm. The 009 distributor is usually set at 3000+ rpm because it produces its maximum advance at 2600-2700rpm. Setting the maximum advance timing at 3000+ rpm ensures that it's "all in." If the engine pings/detonates at 32 degrees, then use 30 degrees or even 28. Never less than 28 degrees or the engine will be grossly under-advanced at high rpm.

Link Pins
Grease front axles/king & link pins at every 3000 miles.

Stock Engine Capacity 2.5 litres change every 3500 miles.

You should always check your timing after adjusting your points.
Points gap is .016" (0.4mm)

Spark Plugs
Plug gap is 0.025" and 0.028"
Bosch w8ac stock beetle
Bosch w7ac stock 15-1600 type 2
Bosch w8cc stock 1.7, 1.8 & 2000cc type 4 motors.

Valve Clearances
Stock pushrods .006" (.015 mm)
Steel/Chromoly pushrods .004" (.010 mm)

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