FEV Fire Extinguisher offer to our members

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FEV Fire Extinguisher offer to our members

Post by Grizzly on Fri Feb 05 2016, 14:00

FEV Motorsports are offering 10% on any fire extinguisher purchase and also 15% off group busy of 10 or more for ABVWC members
The website is www.f-e-v.co.uk
FEV motorsport actually build custom fire extinguishers for about half the F1 grid and a large number of other high end racing teams but also sell a lot of classic car owners, track day enthusiasts and generally anyone who loves driving. They stock the full range from hand held to fully plumbed in systems; certainly a lot safer than a halfords job and they use much safer gas and foam.

FEV are a family business which was established in 1990; we are dedicated to manufacturing high quality specialist products for fire safety.  Our customers are very important to us and we are a very motivated and keen team always looking to improve our product range.  We do give a quick turnaround time to our customers which keeps them racing,  which is very important in our field of business.
Our products are the winning choice for the major top teams and manufacturers in Motorsport from around the world and nationally at home.  The motorsport industry is a very demanding environment where standards need to be very high and continuous development of products has to be maintained, we believe we tick all these boxes at FEV

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